Monday, September 10, 2007

Sewing flowers, fairies and veggies!

I have been doing a bit of 'secret' embroidery over the past week and the girls have shown great interest. So we went and bought them some threads and a hoop each and away they went.

Chloe drew a lovely flower and Lucinda drew one of her favourite fairies.

I don't think they did a bad job!

It's been beautiful weather here, just perfect for a spot of gardening. The girls got out with their Dad and planted, corn, lettuce, beans, and snow peas. Fingers crossed they won't be eaten by the very naughty possums that live here. They have noisy parties under our big Jacaranda and munch on oranges stolen from the neighbours garden leaving us with a big mess.

We also picked up this on the weekend.

It's from hard rubbish, in other words FREE! It was found by a girlfriend and given to her sister but she can't be bothered doing anything with it so it's MINE. And I love it!! Check out the handles, I thought they were plastic but they're china and in perfect condition. It also has a lovely rectangular bevelled mirror to attach which is in great condition. Just you wait - it's going to be a stunning addition to little Daph's bedroom!

And just so Ali doesn't think I'm a complete meany pants here's a little sneak peak of a part of her 'Back to School' swap parcel that's winging it's way to her!

And Ali, you are the first to have something with my label!

I have had a few questions regarding the labels and thought I would just put the link here for you (sorry Carla but I had no contact details for you). I used Woven Labels Direct because they allowed a lot more choice in the colour of the ribbon and lettering. They were also very quick arriving within about ten days.

My next project to get on with is the Autumn Quilt. Apparently my partner is really organised and my quilt is already on its way which is exciting. I always concentrate so hard on what I'm doing for a swap that I forget that I'm getting something in return! I haven't heard anything from my partner in the 'Back to School' swap, so that'll be a big surprise. I'll be back with pics as soon as anything turns up.


Margaret said...

Very pleased to see your little girl learning to embroider, may she continue to love it all her life, as I do. Regards

Thimbleanna said...

How exciting to be teaching your girls how to embroider. It looks like they're doing a great job! Love your new labels too.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures the girls drew to embroider! And your tag looks great too.

Ali said...

Those clever girls! Bet their embroidery is fab. And thank you for the peek - very exciting. I'm honoured to be your first label recipient!

Amy said...

Louise...I love your labels, they are beautiful. I really love your design for your Autumn quilt to...so creative!! How sweet that your littles are trying their hand at embroidery...I am thinking its time to entice my little Chloe for the same thing!!!

Yes, once again I realize our lives are parallel. We to have Possums, and a two Jacaranda Tree's. Maybe we will have to house swap one day...I am sure we will both feel right at home.

P.S. Try planting lots of marigolds...maybe that will keep those critters out...it worked for us this summer..

Abby said...

wow Louise....
I luv children's embroidery it nis so fresh and REAL.... not kit-like hehe. AND isn't hard rubbish day the best day ever. i discovered this about 3 years ago on my first ever trip to melbourne and I thought wow a big free op shop/lawn sale regularly....bliss
luv Abby

Cathy said...

glad the girls are enjoying embroidering with their mama. They look so happy and proud of their achievements. Can't wait to see what you do with the 'hard rubbish'.

Jade said...

How cute! You'll have to show us their finished pieces....bet you're a proud mummy.

Also looking forward to your renovated dresser! Cheers!

Donna said...

Looking forward to seeing the dresser all dolled up. Don't you just love council clean-up? Another 12 months for me to wait for our next one!!

a friend to knit with said...

oh, those little embroidery projects are soo cute!

That vanity is going to be so cool! I wish I could come help you strip it......that is my favorite part!

Ragged Roses said...

The embroidery looks like fun, I think I might buy some hoops for my two. I did spend yesterday evening doing some cross stitch with my youngest (no mean feat as I couldn't find my glasses!). Looking forward to seeing your Autumn quilt.
Kim x

Matroskin said...

What a nice blog you have! Cute girls! So many inspiring things to look at.

Jane said...

Thought of you last night when I saw this new girls apron pattern size 3-8 Simplicity 3802

Matroskin said...

I think I found your blog through a comment you left in one of my favourite blogs. Can't remember which one, though!