Friday, July 30, 2010

This year is flying by and I have found it hard to keep up with documenting what I have been making. So I have decided to make a big effort to remember to take photos during daylight hours instead of thinking about it at 9pm when I finally get to sit down and sew.

Ahh where to begin.....

My lovely boss Jennifer Kingwell weaves magic when it comes to putting fabric and quilt designs together and this Block of the Month quilt Green Tea and Sweet Beans is no exception.

A slow and lovely work in progress

Of course the last month has gone out to participants now and I am still mucking about in month four and five but I always knew it would be a slow and lovely project that will one day get finished.

Green Tea and Sweet Beans BOM

As I am quite new to quilting my experience with older style blocks is fairly limited.


This quilt seemed a perfect opportunity to try and master curves and other more difficult piecing and of course I absolutely love doing needle turn applique of which there is plenty.

Month 2

And bonus, the fabrics are chosen for me by the clever lady herself so I only need to concentrate on putting it together.

Hexie love!


I am also working on a little quilt for the Down Under doll quilt swap

A little sneak peak!

And I also have another pattern underway for a very pretty girly quilt.

New Ideas brewing!

But I'm sure it will be a while before that comes to life.

There is more but that's enough for today.

Oh and for those who really love the Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt don't despair, it will be available as a pattern very soon. And Jenny is about to start her new BOM called 'The Circle Game'. If you were ever going to learn how to hand piece a circle then this is your project!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I heart Liberty!

And linen and Anna Maria Horner voile. And all mixed together it's beautiful!

Parterre made for my friend Michelle's Birthday in May.

Paterre in Liberty

Parterre in Liberty

And a cushion from Amy Butler's Zinnia pattern made by Michelle to match.

Another gorgeous cushion!

And best thing is I get to visit them!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Another swap is over and done with and this one took forever! The school holidays weren't quite the ones we planned as two of the girls were sick so much of my time was spent mopping brows and cuddling a miserable four year old! In other words, not much sewing was done!

Anyway we survived and they are back at school and life has resumed it's normal busy pace. I was very lucky to squeeze in a lovely 'quilting retreat' with 15 other mad quilters on the last weekend of the holidays and it was absolute bliss. I did nothing but eat and sew and giggle for two whole days. And I didn't have to lift a finger to make my bed or cook a thing! I did achieve a fair bit but will show you that another day.

So here is the gorgeous cushion/pillow I received in the Pillow Swap.

The Pillow Talk Swap received!

It was made by Rebecca and I love it - thanks!!

And here is mine.

The Pillow Talk {swap} finished

It hasn't arrived at its destination yet so I can't tell you who it is for. I hope she likes it!

The Pillow Talk {swap} finished

I was a little ambitious time wise with this and decided to hand piece. In the end I'm glad I did as I like the way it looks but goodness it took some time.

And here is a little sneaky look at my latest pattern, the "Katy Carry All".


And yes, it decided to be very grey and raining the day I had to get the photos done, but I kind of like it as it makes the bag stand out.

The pattern will be available this week at the Amitie stand at the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair. And I'll make sure there is a giveaway over here as well.

I have much more to show so stay tuned and I will be back soon!