Monday, October 20, 2008

Hip hip hooray!!

Look what arrived in my letterbox today!!

Sew Hip Magazine No 1.

I was so excited I had to have some of this while I read it.


Because aside from it being a completely refreshing and lovely crafty magazine filled to the brim with wonderful projects and profiles of fabulous people, it has this...........

Our Pattern Review

How cool is that!!

I have to say that when Manda emailed me to ask if she could review one of our patterns I nearly fell off my chair having been a big fan of hers from way back. Who would not want to be involved in such a great new publication! And she wants more! So look out for some exclusive Audrey and Maude projects coming up in future issues.

And buy the magazine - it really is fantastic.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Project upon project upon project upon.....

I have finally found time to sit down and write a little. I have been madly working to get a special project done that has to be in the UK asap. It took off today and I can breathe a sigh of relief for at least a couple of days. I have several other really important projects on at the moment with fairly tight deadlines and some days it's a struggle to keep up. I'm glad to be able to tick one off the rather long list. And if I owe you an email or something in the mail - I apologise and promise you it's coming!!

Here's a little sneak peak at a small element of the special project but that's all for now!!

Pretty Brooch

Squeezed in between everything else I finally found time to get stuck into Chloe's quilt. Can you believe I have only ever made one quilt for my children which was Daphne's cot quilt! I have the fabric and designs worked out for all three but of course to be fair, I have to start Chloe's first.

And I'm loving it so far.

Chloe's quilt

And so is Chloe!

Chloe's Quilt

So once all the blocks are done I will work out what to put with them. Any ideas??

The other project I took away with me was my Mum's quilt. That has also been languishing in the pile. I had decided to have a hand quilting night each week but it hasn't eventuated.

Mum's quilt

I did about six blocks which isn't a lot but at least I have reacquainted myself with this lovely quilt and can try to do a little each week.

So have you seen this? A very special thank you to Angela and her lovely staff at Living Creatively - their support is endless and wonderful!!

And guess what!! I have had one of my little quilts accepted for a Lark Books book called Pretty Little Mini Quilts. I'm absolutely thrilled! Again the deadline is very soon so if you don't see much of me you'll know what I'm doing!

But this week sees me finishing two presents for two very special people who have been waiting and waiting and waiting. They have been tied up with the whole project for the UK thing but they'll be on their way this week, sweetened with some other goodies I promise!!

Which reminds me of something else I must get started on for Audrey and Maude! Sigh........ but I love it, really I do!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

A little break in transmission!

It has been a busy school holidays with lots of projects on the go.

I have many, many things to show you and won't attempt to do it all in one post.

For now I will leave you with a few photos from our very relaxing holiday last week.

We went to one of my favourite places in the world.

Boroka Lookout - The Grampians

This was our house.

Our house in Halls Gap

Our house in Halls Gap

Our house in Halls Gap

And this was our backyard.

The Backyard at Halls Gap

We had visits from friendly locals.

Halls Gap visitor

And did lots of amazing walks.

The Balconies - The Grampians

Walking with the big girls

Silver Band Falls - The Grampians

Best Buddies


We even did a little crafting.

Painting boomerangs

Holiday creations

And the girls favourite thing?

Patting a dingo puppy

Patting a dingo puppy!

So thank you Grampians, we are all feeling refreshed and ready for the rest of the year!