Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chloe's Project

Well Chloe did finally succumb to the awful gastro on Monday but was over it quickly and back at school the next day. This week's illness (and I do believe we are working our way through some list somewhere!) is another virus with a cough and conjunctivitus!! So Chloe was home again on Friday and Daphne and I joined her with the sticky eyes. We are all much better today - I wonder what this week will bring........

Anyway, I asked Chloe to be a guinea pig and test out a little project for me yesterday.

She sewed lots of patches together to form a rectangle, then drew a heart and appliqued it on by blanket stitch.

Chloe's embroidery

Chloe's project

Ready for the lining

I then sewed in the lining and turned it right side out.

Chloe blanket stitched the sides and around the edges.

Chloe's purse

And sewed on a button.

The button

Appliqued Heart

For a first go at hand sewing and blanket stitch I thought she did a fantastic job!

Chloe's purse project finished

And the reason for this project?? Well, Cathy and I are planning to teach a children's class at Amitie during the school holidays. So if you have a child of 8 years old or above who would like to learn to do a bit of sewing - stay tuned! We are just figuring out the final details and will let you know this week.

And here's a little sneak peak at another project I'm working on!!


I'll let you know more about these little friends soon........

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Little Quilts and Big Girls

I promised to show you my latest doll quilt for the Lemonade Stand Doll Quilt Swap. It took me slightly longer than expected due to the dreaded gastro bug continuing to weave its destructive pathway through the members of my family! Only Chloe left to go now and she's looking nervous!

Anyway, the idea for the quilt is obvious. When I made the scooter bag I did two versions of it facing either way. So I used the one I had left and added some little squares.

Lemonade Stand Doll Quilt Swap quilt

And of course, my fabourite stripey binding.

Quilting and binding

And a few little quilted flowers to give it a bit of a 70's feel.

Flower Quilting

It went off in the post last week and will hopefully arrive at it's new home sometime this week.

I was making Daphne's bed this morning and realised I'd never really shown you her quilt properly once it was finished.

Daphne's quilt.

Daph's room is one of my favourites in the house and the least messy (so far).

Daphne's bedroom

And it's full of lovely bits and pieces like this gorgeous teddy my friend Christina made for her on her first Birthday.

Patch the Teddy

Here's a few shots from yesterday. My little girl is growing up so fast.

My creation

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer in Winter!!

Finally I have a few things to show you and I'm running miles behind as usual!!

This family has had so many illnesses in the last couple of months and I am so completely over it. My little Daphne had a yucky tummy bug last Thursday which she lovingly passed on to me and my husband. I am slowly recovering from a horrible day yesterday spent either curled up on the couch or in the bathroom. And I couldn't even go to work and you know how much I love my job. Hmmm - not fair!

The two older girls both have horrible sinus infections but are soldiering on and all three have a decent cough! It never ends!!

And thanks for the concern for my neck. It improved very quickly and has been fine ever since. I'm sure it's just from having a certain 2 year old squeezed up against me in bed!

So I solemnly swear the next two quilt swaps I do are going to be finished at least 2 weeks before they are due regardless of what hideous bugs you throw at me - and you can hold me to that!

Now some photos.............

This is my Summer Sassy Apron Swap apron. I actually completed the apron weeks ago but forgot all the extra bits to go with it. It's taken me this much time to get everything else together.

I found some lovely summery fabric.

Summer Sassy Apron Swap

The apron had to have some embellishment so I thought some frills would be pretty.

Summer Sassy Apron Swap

And then I decided to add a flower for good measure! I hope my partner doesn't think it too over the top but it is only a brooch so can be removed and put on a bag or something.

Summer Sassy Apron Swap

We also had to provide a recipe for a non-alcoholic summery drink so I included this from one of my favourite Aussie chefs, Bill Granger.

Summer Sassy Apron Swap

And last we also had to include a 'dish cloth' or what we call a tea towel. I found some nice matching orangey ones and appliqued one of them with one of the lovely sunshine images from the fabric.

Summer Sassy Apron Swap

So, sorry to my partner but it is now on its way!

Tomorrow I will hopefully show you a picture of my lastest quilt for the Lemonade Stand quilt swap. It is also terribly late but it's on its way after I take some photos in the morning.

I received some lovely mail yesterday but will show you later this week.

I am off to have some more sleep while I can!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

All is revealed!

I can finally do a full reveal of my Doll Quilt III swap quilt.

The reason I was being so sneaky about showing the whole quilt was because my partner had posted a photo of a sunrise in Alaska, where she lives, as her inspiration for the quilt she was making.

So I decided to have a go at a sunrise quilt myself.

Doll Quilt Swap III

I found this pattern on line - sorry I can't remember where as it was some time ago. I think it was actually called 'Rising Sun' or something equally obvious.

Well my apron package is ready and I'm currently finishing off my next little quilt for the Lemonade Doll Quilt Swap quilt which was also due yesterday. Unfortunately I've put my neck out which I haven't done for a very long time. I've ice packed it as that's what usually works but my goodness it makes my whole right side ache including my head!!

I worked yesterday and lucky for me I got to meet the gorgeous Christie from Pigeon Pair who was at Amitie for a blog meet. I also had a quick hello with the glowingly pregnant Corrie - I swear she has so much energy and the most beautiful skin! And you can now get our patterns in Corries shop!

And by the way, if you are interested, the Doll Quilt 4 swap is up and running as of today. They are taking 100 participants so if you want to join in (yes I mean you Kellie!) get your email off to Susan.

I promise I will post some photos of the quilt and apron swap goodies later this week when I'm feeling a little more myself.