Monday, February 22, 2010


Well what a lovely response. Thanks for all your nice words. I hope I didn't cause too many falling off chair with shock surprises!

So I guess you all want to know who the winner is.

Well after removing Jodie's comment and the weirdo Japanese one, I stuck the numbers in the random thingy and it came up with this.


And that is Jenny from Ohjoh. Jenny is new to blogging so go on over and have a look at all her lovely creations. And I have actually met her as she is a customer at amitie.

And now I have to think of something to send you Jenny. I'm thinking something quilty as you are quite new to that craft. So email me with your address and I will get something out to you shortly.

And here is one of those projects finished.

Sacha's scarf finished

It is a cotton scarf for my lovely sister in law Sacha who can't wear wool. She has seen it unfinished so this won't be a surprise.

Sacha's scarf finished!

I am really happy with it but won't be doing more crochet for a while as my shoulder has locked up. Last time it got my wrist. Not sure I'm meant to crochet which is sad because it's really pretty.

And just because I haven't posted for ages and because I have a new camera, here is my beautiful baby girl Daphne. Who is not such a baby anymore!

Daphne @ 4

Monday, February 15, 2010

Let's just get on with it shall we!

I promised my dear bloggy friend Thimbleanna that I would post this week. So I sat and wondered what I would write about as I'm slightly out of practice. And given this is actually my 100th post I thought it needed to be special and important.

Then I realised that there was never going to be a really special time to start again and that I should just post. So hi! I'm back. Hopefully some of you are still about.

Here's a couple of pics of some stuff I'm currently working on.



Sacha's Birthday scarf

All taken with my brand new baby!

Me and my new toy!

Of course there are many other projects I have on the go but I'll get into those further down the track. And I do know that I owe people things which are coming I promise!

And I guess I should mark this occasion by giving something away. Not sure what that will be yet but I'm sure I can dig up something. So leave me a quick hello so I know you are still out there and I'll get one of the girls to pick a winner this Sunday 21st Feb.