Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fancy a bag... or two?

Well it is definitely bag week at my house.

Yesterday was my girlfriend Michelle's Birthday. I made her a patchwork scarf after seeing this fabulous scarf by Belinda over at Tutti Fruiti. It's sort of a combination of all the versions she linked to. I then made her a bag to match and added a little flower to finish.

And then she surprised me with this absolutely stunning bag. Check out the vintage buttons, Amy Butler fabric and the gorgeous style. Thanks Michelle, I absolutely LOVE it.

Today it was my girlfriend Elizabeth's Birthday. I also made her a bag which was inspired by one of Molly Chicken's fab Japanese mags. Don't you love the birdy lining!

Ahhh... so much lovely bag happiness.

Now I'm off to do some knitting. The girls all want hats!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Home Sweet Home and other projects..

Look at this lovely book I found at less than half price the other day. It's filled with some really nice soft furnishing ideas as well as other pretty stuff. These are my favourites.

I found time to take some photos of the fabric I bought on Saturday at Amitie. Each pile (don't you love piles of fabric?!) is for a special project which I will reveal once they are complete. They are for some special friends.

Now I need some advice. I would like to start putting labels on my work and want some ideas. I quite like this clever idea although it's time consuming. Maybe a professionally woven label or printed label. Any suggestions?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Shades of Grey

I finally finished this on Friday night, wrapped it, and gave it to my friend Daphne on Saturday morning.

We were on our way out to Amitie my very favourite fabric store. I had a couple of new projects I needed fabric for and I am so pleased with what I found for each one. I haven't taken photos yet as the light has been fairly poor. Maybe tomorrow.

The weather was grey like this all day Saturday.

So we did a bit of this.

And I can't show you the outcome because we ate them all! But just so you know, they were chocolate chip cookies.

And here, finally is a photo of the lovely knitted cap that Paola sent to me. The girls keep wearing it around the house and have both requested their own. So thanks again Paola for such a beautiful gesture. And for inspiring me to get the knitting needles out again.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Promises, promises

I have promised myself I will have a day of sewing on Thursdays as Chloe is at school and Lucinda has a full day of kinder. So I kept my promise and today I actually managed to get quite a bit done - even with all the phone calls!

I also promised the other day I would show some finished work.

On Mothers Day I whipped up a few tissue holders from this tutorial. They really are dead easy which was good as I was just adding a little 'made by me' gift to my Mum's present.

Last night I finished the change mat that goes in the nappy bag for my friend Daphne. I managed to pull the bag apart today and make the changes I wanted. I now just have to put it back together.

I also made this little bag today for one of Lucinda's friends who leaves with her family on Sunday to go and live in Canada for 3 years. We will really miss them but what a great opportunity.

And last is an update on my knitting. I am loving it and it is actually knitting up really quickly.

Speaking of knitting, I had the most wonderful surprise today (aside from all the glorious rain we had!). I opened the letter box to find a parcel from lovely Paola who was my swap partner for the One Hour Craft tote bag swap in Feb. Inside was a beautiful handmade Birthday card and a brilliant handknitted hat. I am so thrilled and I won't describe it as you really need to see it on to appreciate it properly. I will post a photo tomorrow once I find someone to take one with me wearing it. Thanks Paola I absolutely love it.

I have also just signed on for the One Hour Craft apron swap which I am very excited about. Another project to add to the pile......

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lucky Seven

I have been tagged by Pip so here goes 7 random facts/habits of mine!

1. I can't donate blood because I lived in England for two years in 1990/91 and am banned from doing so due to the Mad Cow issue.

2. I was once asked on a flight to Sydney if I wanted to join the pilots in the cockpit to see the landing (guess that wouldn't happen now). After strapping in, to my surprise, we were joined by Angry Anderson in full tattooed glory. Together we enjoyed a spectacular view of the harbour and eventual landing with Angry beside me cheering like a big kid. He then announced "oh, that was fantastic, I've always wanted to be a pilot!" Quick as you can, the pilot responded "Mate, I've always wanted to be a Rock Star!" I made a hasty retreat feeling well underqualified to offer any sort of comment. A very surreal moment in my life!

3. I have to read in bed every single night regardless of the time - even if it is only a couple of pages and my eyelids are starting to droop.

4. I love vegetables way more than fruit and like pretty much all veggies except pumpkin unless it is in soup.

5. I have only tried to matchmake once and they are now 20 years happily married with three children - hi Michelle!

6. I buy a diary every year, use it for a few weeks and then never look in it again. I am determined to make this year's one work.... now where did I put it.

7. I don't like birds flying indoors. Several years ago I was living in a house that had french doors into the garden and wooden floorboards. I was on the phone to a girlfriend when I could hear a wierd tap tap tap noise. I kept talking until suddenly into the bedroom came a very small yellow canary that had wandered in from the garden, the noise beings its claws on the floorboards as it made its way through the house. I completely lost it and jumped on the bed (I know - it has wings...) and my girlfriend calmly talked to me until it turned around and made its way back out. I have no idea where it came from or where it went and when I told my Greek Mother in Law she said "you should have kept it - they worth lot of money." Hilarious!

I had a good think about who to tag and quite frankly at this point most people I know have been tagged. So if you are reading this and haven't done it - consider yourself tagged!

Tomorrow I may show you some finished work!

Monday, May 14, 2007

There's a Fairy in the Garden

A very Happy Mothers Day to you all for yesterday. I hope you had a bit of spoiling like I did. Lemon Souffle Pancakes made by my husband, served in bed on a tray with a rose. I didn't leave that bed until about 11am which was fantastic! The girls spoilt me with lovely gifts made at kinder and bought at the School Mothers Day stall and Chloe read a very sweet Greek poem to me about what a lovely Mummy I am. I also received a gorgeous book which I am dying to get stuck into. She sounds like quite a character and the designs are just stunning.

I've got to say I needed that rest after Lucinda's party. It was exhausting but I really enjoyed it and Fairy Sarah was absolutely perfect.

She fluttered in and charmed everyone, big and little, with her gorgeous fairy dress and stunning wings and her wonderfully enchanting stories and magic. Then while I fed the hungry little people she did the most amazing face painting. And best of all, Lucinda loved her.

Lucinda asked for a Fairy Castle cake....

and looked resplendent in pink fairy frills.

A huge success! But I'm glad the next one's not until December....

PS. I have been tagged by Pip but will leave that for tomorrow when I can think of 7 riveting things to tell you about myself!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Lovely Loot

I finally found time and a little bit of light to take photos of some of the lovely presents I received for my recent Birthday. The first one from my daughter Chloe is possibly my favourite and just makes me smile. What family of three daughters could possibly do without a plastic plate smothered in luscious pink and white marshmallows. Isn't it just gorgeous!? I can't wait to put Fairy bread on it for Lucinda's Birthday party on Friday.

The next present was from my Mum. I love its simplicity. Next time you see it hopefully it will be filled with something delicious.

And these pretty pieces. I am very slowly doing up my bedroom and am quite mad about all shades of blue/aqua and green. The plates and bowl are from Christina and are for my dressing table. They are sitting on one of my new pillow cases which feature another fave - birds.

I had some great luck this week shopping for fabric. I had been eyeing off these cherries online and stumbled upon them at my local cheapo fabric store. These were all $7.50 a metre! I have lots of ideas for them so stay tuned.

And this vibrant work of art is from Lucinda who asked me the other night to make her dolls a sleeping bag. She disappeared and returned with her 'design'.

Ahhh they crack me up sometimes. This little project, however, will have to wait until after her party. And on that note I must go to bed or there will be no party.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Where the bloody hell are you?

Yay! I'm back and what a week (or two) it has been. First, my computer went on the blink so not only could I not update my blog but I couldn't read any either! I had to go cold turkey as we have no other computer - it was really, really hard. But, lucky old me it was only a loose cable (could be something to do with the fact that it was pushed off a table by little Daphne...) and the invoice said $0.00 to fix. I was a very happy girl!!

Then all my children got sick. Yes all of them at once with the same virus. Chloe had a horrible cold and sore face (sinus), Lucinda came out in a spotty red rash and puffed up face, and Daphne had a red angry ear drum and awful cough. A nice collection of symptoms! So they all stayed home, and it's been raining and they are now very bored and being horrible to each other. So, not much done around here.

Tuesday was my Birthday and I had a really nice day. My beautiful girlfriends came to visit and spoilt me with lots of gorgeous goodies. I have only managed to take a photo of one present as the light has been poor with the rain. My friend Michelle is making me something and this was a little extra present. A gorgeous old tin filled with vintage button goodness - what a lovely surprise.

I shall endeavour to show you my other loot in my next post.

In the evening my lovely husband took me out for a yummy dinner at Gingerboy, a newish, very groovy Thai hawker style restaurant in the city. We had red duck curry - one of my favourite meals. A very nice treat.

Today was my friend Daphne's Birthday. She is expecting baby number three in July and is looking gorgeous. I made her a bag with a matching change mat and pockets to hold wipes and nappies. It turned out quite different to how I wanted it to and as I hadn't finished it completely I have the opportunity to make some changes. I'll post some photos before I re give it to her.

Hmmm what else have I achieved, some knitting and a little bit of quilting. I have also managed to find a fabulous Fairy for Lucinda's party which is this Friday. Fairy Sarah does games, songs and face painting and she actually does look like Barbie! So another busy week ahead!