Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Big Girls!

Guess what I did today!

Parent's sign

Yes my middle girl started school and she looked so very little when she put her school dress on.

A little apprehensive

After initial nerves it all went well and she had a really great day!

A happy new School girl!

And look at what my biggest girl has been up to.

Chloe and Kitty

We made this together and she won a prize over here. Check out all the gorgeous Melly and Me patterns - they are super cute and super easy to follow!

But not as cute as my big girls!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A very special Birthday!

My lovely Mother turned 70 today!

So I can finally show you my secret project.

The Present

We went for afternoon tea and presented her with this!

The Birthday Girl

It's based on Judy Newman's lovely pattern 'Vintage Comfort'. Because I wanted it to go on a queen sized bed I had to adapt it slightly by taking out the smaller blocks and then added a yellow sashing and border.

Mum's quilt

Now I just have to hand quilt it - and hopefully she will get it some time before her 80th!!

Mum's quilt

Happy Birthday Mum!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

A little bit of this.........

Well we're in the home stretch now with one week to go before school starts. Good timing too as the girls are getting a little restless.

We've done a little baking....

Banana Cake

And a little eating....

Banana Cake

And a little shopping....

New Shoes

I wouldn't normally buy such girly shoes but these are just divine on and I HAD to have them!

And I have done a little bit of sewing.

A small quilt (about 12" squarish!) for a couple of Lucinda's little soft toys - Fred and Cindy.

Doll Quilt

Do you like the back? It's very Denyse Schmidt don't you think. You get that look by not basting before you machine quilt to get it done really fast!!!

Doll Quilt Back

I kinda like it!

The girls had a very nice picnic dinner in the garden with lots of friends. My husband organised this and apparently everything was eaten which just goes to show how important the venue and company is!!

Picnic Dinner

Little Daphne is making us laugh with her new style of dressing. Lots of bling and a backwards hat! All her own doing I swear!


Tomorrow is her first day at day care with Mummy along to see how we go. It's my first time putting any of my children in child care and I have the best reason for doing so because as of Feb 5th I am going to be working at Amitie every Tuesday - yippee!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Good Morning Christina!

Surprise! Yes I'm back after a little break from blogging. To be perfectly honest with you I just couldn't be bothered writing anything and downloading photos - is that bad?!

I had such a ridiculously busy lead up to Christmas that I think I just fell in a heap after New Years. Do you know I was running so fast to get something done and out the door one day about a week before Christmas that I fell over!!! Right in the middle of my living room. I hit my head really hard on the sofa, grazed my arm and landed on one hip which ended up with about an 8cm circular bruise on it. So I decided that it was time to slow down for a while!

We have been chilling out mostly. Sometimes with friends, sometimes with family, often in our PJ's for much of the day, and often just hiding from the excessively hot weather we have been experiencing.

We enjoyed a much anticipated visit from our Dutch cousins. As there wasn't a lot of English spoken it took the trampoline to break the ice. A couple of bounces and everyone was giggling and having fun.

Dutch Cousins

I've done a little bit of sewing with the girls and their friends. Chloe, Lucinda and their friend Mia went through my fabric scrap box and created a mosaic each. I offered to turn them into something useful.

Here's Mia's.

Mia's purse

And here is Lucinda's - photo also by Lucinda.

Lucinda's purse

The girls also participated in a class at Amitie, check out their creations here

And I have been working on a few projects - some still a secret and some just for the fun of it. I have to get my winter quilt done for the Four Seasons quilt swap for mailing on the 30th but another slightly larger project has been taking up my time. All will be revealed in about a week!!

I have been visiting all my friends in blogland of course, and even won a prize!

My Loot

I actually won the green bag but generous Jodie added all the other lovelies. Thanks heaps Jodie!!

The bag is currently being used to hold this little crochet project - a cushion for Chloe.

Chloe's Cushion

I figure if I can manage this then I might attempt a granny square quilt at some point this year. We are (my husband is) repainting all the girl's furniture the most divine shade of aqua. I also have fabric for curtains. I will probably show you all when it is finished.

And you might be wondering why this title. Well one of my bestest friends has been bemoaning the fact that she logs onto my blog first thing and there's never any new post. So good morning Christina and good morning/evening to the rest of you. Thanks for all your lovely comments regarding my wedding photos - it was rather self indulgent but I rarely look at them and loved showing them off.

I leave you with some shots of some of the ornaments I received in the 2007 Holiday Ornament swap.

My creation