Monday, May 21, 2007

Shades of Grey

I finally finished this on Friday night, wrapped it, and gave it to my friend Daphne on Saturday morning.

We were on our way out to Amitie my very favourite fabric store. I had a couple of new projects I needed fabric for and I am so pleased with what I found for each one. I haven't taken photos yet as the light has been fairly poor. Maybe tomorrow.

The weather was grey like this all day Saturday.

So we did a bit of this.

And I can't show you the outcome because we ate them all! But just so you know, they were chocolate chip cookies.

And here, finally is a photo of the lovely knitted cap that Paola sent to me. The girls keep wearing it around the house and have both requested their own. So thanks again Paola for such a beautiful gesture. And for inspiring me to get the knitting needles out again.


christina said...

With all the grey in melbourne this week it is so nice to see you and the girls in bright colours. I LOVE the bag you made for Daphne, is very luck to have such a talented friend.

Cathy said...

Love the bag you made. It is just gorgeous. Did you use a pattern?

Melody said...

WoW! You are inspiring - you truly are. I love, love, love the nappy bag. Just terrific. You have inspired me to get out my sewing machine. I've popped along to my local Spotlight and bought some fabric to make a simple curtain for my daughter's bathroom and fabric to try and make those cute purse tissue holders. Thanks.

tiel said...

love the material.

love the bag.

love the grey of Melbourne.

and love all of your hair!

Anc I'm sure the biccies would have been yummy.

Daphne said...

I am very lucky indeed to have such a wonderful friend like you! Thank you again for such a beautiful bag and I can't wait to take it out with my new bub in July. I might even need to take it out before hand. Thanks again gorgeous!