Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lucky Seven

I have been tagged by Pip so here goes 7 random facts/habits of mine!

1. I can't donate blood because I lived in England for two years in 1990/91 and am banned from doing so due to the Mad Cow issue.

2. I was once asked on a flight to Sydney if I wanted to join the pilots in the cockpit to see the landing (guess that wouldn't happen now). After strapping in, to my surprise, we were joined by Angry Anderson in full tattooed glory. Together we enjoyed a spectacular view of the harbour and eventual landing with Angry beside me cheering like a big kid. He then announced "oh, that was fantastic, I've always wanted to be a pilot!" Quick as you can, the pilot responded "Mate, I've always wanted to be a Rock Star!" I made a hasty retreat feeling well underqualified to offer any sort of comment. A very surreal moment in my life!

3. I have to read in bed every single night regardless of the time - even if it is only a couple of pages and my eyelids are starting to droop.

4. I love vegetables way more than fruit and like pretty much all veggies except pumpkin unless it is in soup.

5. I have only tried to matchmake once and they are now 20 years happily married with three children - hi Michelle!

6. I buy a diary every year, use it for a few weeks and then never look in it again. I am determined to make this year's one work.... now where did I put it.

7. I don't like birds flying indoors. Several years ago I was living in a house that had french doors into the garden and wooden floorboards. I was on the phone to a girlfriend when I could hear a wierd tap tap tap noise. I kept talking until suddenly into the bedroom came a very small yellow canary that had wandered in from the garden, the noise beings its claws on the floorboards as it made its way through the house. I completely lost it and jumped on the bed (I know - it has wings...) and my girlfriend calmly talked to me until it turned around and made its way back out. I have no idea where it came from or where it went and when I told my Greek Mother in Law she said "you should have kept it - they worth lot of money." Hilarious!

I had a good think about who to tag and quite frankly at this point most people I know have been tagged. So if you are reading this and haven't done it - consider yourself tagged!

Tomorrow I may show you some finished work!


Thimbleanna said...

I enjoyed your list! No pumpkin pie for you??? Re: #6 -- you won't have to buy a diary anymore -- you have a blog now. That's what I love about having a blog -- it's a diary with pictures and you don't have to spend all day cutting and pasting!

Ali said...

Your mother-in-law is a hoot!

Christina said...

I have know you now for seven years (as our eldest girls have recently turned the magic seven) and this morning I learn something new about you. I LOVE reading your blog, can't wait for the next instalment!
Pumpkin can be yum!!!

Cathy said...

Just reading about your random facts - we have more in common than I realised.

I can't donate blood either because I lived in England 1988-89. I have to read before I can fall asleep. I love all vegies (even pumpkin). I too have issues with diaries. Can't say that I have met Angry Anderson though or a stray bird.

Anonymous said...

Love the story about Angry Anderson in the cockpit.. even without Angry there it would have been a cool story that not many ppl get to experience, but experiencing it WITH Angry was waaaay cool :)

My Angry Anderson connection is that I own a "Victoria Beer" beer can that was used / consumed by Angry when the Tats played for the Aussie troops in the middle east about four years or so ago.

A friend of mine in the US airforce knew i was a huge rose tattoo fan from way back in the day, so he got Angry to autograph a beer can for me, and took some pics of Angry doing the actual signature.

PS: I probably can't donate blood either, as I was born and raised in the UK (left there permanently in 1990)