Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Lovely Loot

I finally found time and a little bit of light to take photos of some of the lovely presents I received for my recent Birthday. The first one from my daughter Chloe is possibly my favourite and just makes me smile. What family of three daughters could possibly do without a plastic plate smothered in luscious pink and white marshmallows. Isn't it just gorgeous!? I can't wait to put Fairy bread on it for Lucinda's Birthday party on Friday.

The next present was from my Mum. I love its simplicity. Next time you see it hopefully it will be filled with something delicious.

And these pretty pieces. I am very slowly doing up my bedroom and am quite mad about all shades of blue/aqua and green. The plates and bowl are from Christina and are for my dressing table. They are sitting on one of my new pillow cases which feature another fave - birds.

I had some great luck this week shopping for fabric. I had been eyeing off these cherries online and stumbled upon them at my local cheapo fabric store. These were all $7.50 a metre! I have lots of ideas for them so stay tuned.

And this vibrant work of art is from Lucinda who asked me the other night to make her dolls a sleeping bag. She disappeared and returned with her 'design'.

Ahhh they crack me up sometimes. This little project, however, will have to wait until after her party. And on that note I must go to bed or there will be no party.


Ali said...

There's a suspicious food-related theme going on with your gifts!! Looks like you had a great bithday and good luck for Lucinda's par-tee!

Ragged Roses said...

Hello, just found your site and it's lovely. Hope you had a good birthday, you certainly got some lovely pressies! I'll be back to visit again
Kim x

monica said...

happy birthday to you! I totally understand why you're happy with your presents... I would be too!

hope the party goes ok!

Cathy said...

Glad you had a lovely birthday - the presents are just what I love.
Just found your blog - looking forward to getting to know you better. Darn Cheap is one of my favourite haunts too.

Meet Me at Mikes said...

i just tagged YOU! go see! xx pip

tiel said...

Oh I went to that store before we left Melbourne in 2003. I bought so much material, the sad thing is that I still have it sitting in my cupboard. I think I just got carried away with the idea that I wouldn't be back for awhile.

Happy birthday.