Monday, January 26, 2009

So I promised you news!

Well it's fun news about Cathy and me and Audrey & Maude. After reviewing Cathy's adorable Poppy and her Puppies in Issue 1 of the new UK mag Sew Hip we were asked to provide a couple of exclusive patterns as well.

In Issue 2 you will find Flirty Florence!

Flirty Florence

And in Issue 3 you will find Henrietta the Hippo!

Henrietta the Hippo

I love all her angles!

Henrietta the Hippo

They even put us here!

Audrey and Maude

Which we had a fair old giggle about. And just so you know, that's Cathy on the right!

Now, onto the work in progress pics!

I finally finished the top of Chloe's quilt!

Chloe's quilt


Chloe's quilt

I know it will take another very long time to quilt but at least the design part is finished.

Chloe's quilt

And it looks nice and vintagey which was what I was after. More importantly - she loves it!

And this photo is for Leslie.

My knitting

I am knitting a lovely cardigan that I found via this fabulous girl. Katie is always making lots of lovely knitted stuff and inspired me to get the needles out again. She's not bad at the old quilting either - check out her latest couple of completed projects - gorgeous!!

I love this design and I already had just the right amount of wool in one of my favourite colours ready and waiting.

My Summer knitting

Hopefully it might be done in time for the cold weather.

It's our last week of school holidays and then I can get stuck into all my projects.

I have some work for another more local magazine to get done and my latest Four Seasons quilt swap to complete.

I also have all sorts of new patterns drawn up and hopefully will have some of them ready for the upcoming Melbourne Stitches and Craft Show. Cathy and I will be doing our applique canvas classes for the kids again which will be fun. And this year it has changed venue and is being put together by these fabulous people so I can't wait. Of course there will also be lots of other great crafty bloggers there so if you live anywhere near it's a great opportunity to meet them and all sorts of other fantastic retailers.

This week's weather is expected to be the hottest it has been in 100 years! 40 deg (104f) and above for four days - eeeew. Sounds like hiding inside and sewing weather to me!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lazy, lazy, lazy!!

Well I guess it is the holidays but really I have been a bit lazy with this poor neglected blog. And it's not as if I haven't done anything to post about!

I won't bombard you all with a million things. Just a few.........

Cathy and I taught another children's class at Amitie last week and these are the completed samples for the kids to work from.

Cherries applique

Butterfly applique canvas

This one is Chloe's.

Bird Applique

And so is this!

Chloe's sea applique

I love the little crab!

The crab

If you go here you will see what the girls in our class made. It never fails to surprise me how clever and creative these kids are. They always have a very strong opinion about what they want and their choice of colour. They really did the most wonderful job.

Chloe has also had her machine out making another pin cushion for a special friend. She is still learning but getting more adventurous. I think we might try a simple skirt next.

Chloe sewing

And I have been doing some quilting of this quilt.


A year is nearly up and I still haven't finished but it's getting there.

And I have been working on Chloe's quilt.

Chloe's quilt progress

I'm sort of making it up as I go along and keep changing my mind. I think I have finally decided on all the fabrics and borders etc. It will most likely become another Audrey & Maude pattern.

And last week I decided to have a go at another quilt I promised a friend a very long time ago.

Big Blocks

I'm not sure I like the colours. The blocks are very large (see my foot) and I was going to sash it with cream. But I still think it is a little dark for my friend's taste. I will have a play with something else this week.

So that's it for today. I have other news to report but I shall leave that for another day this week!

Oh and last, but by no means least, I wish to send out a huge congratulations to my friend Kellie who not only appears in the latest issue of Australian Quilters Companion magazine but has also just opened a shop to sell patterns for all her lovely work. Good luck Kellie although I know you are going to be a huge success!