Thursday, May 17, 2007

Promises, promises

I have promised myself I will have a day of sewing on Thursdays as Chloe is at school and Lucinda has a full day of kinder. So I kept my promise and today I actually managed to get quite a bit done - even with all the phone calls!

I also promised the other day I would show some finished work.

On Mothers Day I whipped up a few tissue holders from this tutorial. They really are dead easy which was good as I was just adding a little 'made by me' gift to my Mum's present.

Last night I finished the change mat that goes in the nappy bag for my friend Daphne. I managed to pull the bag apart today and make the changes I wanted. I now just have to put it back together.

I also made this little bag today for one of Lucinda's friends who leaves with her family on Sunday to go and live in Canada for 3 years. We will really miss them but what a great opportunity.

And last is an update on my knitting. I am loving it and it is actually knitting up really quickly.

Speaking of knitting, I had the most wonderful surprise today (aside from all the glorious rain we had!). I opened the letter box to find a parcel from lovely Paola who was my swap partner for the One Hour Craft tote bag swap in Feb. Inside was a beautiful handmade Birthday card and a brilliant handknitted hat. I am so thrilled and I won't describe it as you really need to see it on to appreciate it properly. I will post a photo tomorrow once I find someone to take one with me wearing it. Thanks Paola I absolutely love it.

I have also just signed on for the One Hour Craft apron swap which I am very excited about. Another project to add to the pile......


Ali said...

You've been busy! Love all your succulents.

Anonymous said...

You've been really busy making lovely craft. I like the overlapping Tissue holder thingies, thanks for the link. I did the tote swap and I have signed up for the apron swap too. That very day I had decided I needed an apron, so it was serendipity!!!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I love hearing that swaps result in friendships. Happy Birthday.
If you have time join our apron swap too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a week! I just love the change mat and can't wait to see the bag.

julia said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I guess now I have another one to add to my list to read daily. I'll never be able to leave the computer!