Sunday, July 1, 2007

Done, finished, completed!

I have some finished work to show you!

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of joining Lucinda at kinder for a Mummy's pyjama party. It was hilarious! We had our makeup and hair done, made bunches of flowers out of cupcake papers and pipecleaners and participated in some wonderful songs and dances. Sadly it was Lucinda's teacher's last week as after 8 years she is off to another kinder. She received an Ipod from everyone but I wanted to make her a little something extra for Lucinda to give her. A tissue holder seemed the perfect answer - and it was nice and quick!

Kathy was a fantastic teacher and got the kids to do some really interesting work. The latest piece is a life size picture of themselves. They had to lie down and be drawn around and then paint it. I love Lucinda's. Can you tell her new favourite colour is purple?

I finally finished Chloe's pinafore. It is black cord with a heart shaped pocket lined with red and white polka dots with a couple of cherries to finish. I think it looks great and she seems pretty happy too. Chloe is always receptive to things I make - with Lucinda it's a bit hit and miss. She's also very happy to model stuff for me!

Yesterday was Lucinda's friend Lukas' 5th Birthday. The girls drew a picture of a monster they wanted to give him and I made it up. I stupidly haven't taken a photo of the original drawing (I will for my next post), but here is one of the Birthday boy enjoying the finished product.

Poor Lukas picked up some bug and was too sick to have his 'Spooky' party. It is going to be during the holidays instead. Did you have a close look at this beautiful boy's eyelashes - just gorgeous!

And finally here are a few pictures of the apron I made for Chloe's friend who had her 8th Birthday party yesterday.

Chloe really wanted the chocolate brown and orange combination and as Bella's party was a cooking theme we found some really cute utensils to go with it.

And yes, this is the tutorial apron! I have taken all the photos and now just need to go through the slow process of loading them up and adding the words.

So the next two weeks are school holidays. Hopefully there will be a little sleeping in, a bit of clearing out the house and a whole lot of fun. We're off to Disney on Ice which is a tradition for the July holidays. My friend Daphne is due to have her baby in the next week or so. I'm on standby to race to her house to mind the older children as her babies come quick and I am only a couple of street's away. I'm very excited and of course, it means another project to add to the list!

Next post I promise a little teaser of the dolls quilt for the swap...........


Ali said...

Louise, you've been busy! I love Chloe's pinafore.

2paw said...

The pinafore is lovely and so expertly modelled!! Love the apron too!!

samantha said...

Oh what wonderful presents and a lovely dress. she does make a great model - such a natural :) I love the monster too - great present.

Cosy said...

I can see your pinafore is loved by the enthuastic modelling! And what a rocking monster. I love it!

luv Abby said...

Wow you have been sooo busy.... love the monster and what fantastic idea with the pocket on the pinafore...heartshaped and cute lining... no wonder it was a hit....
luv Abby

christina said...

Hi Louise, Lukas loves his monster and has not let it out of his sight since getting it for his birthday from you. I love it too!!! Chloe looks gorgeous in her new pini and Lucinda looks great in purple! Thanks :)

monica said...

beautiful stuff! All of it.

Ahhh the pleasure of finishing something!!

a friend to knit with said...

WOW! You have been extrememly busy! Everything looks beautiful! The dress, AHH! The monster is adorable, and the apron....what a wonderful gift!
And yes, Could I please borrow his eyelashes?! :)

Ragged Roses said...

My goodness you have been busy! Love the apron, what a great idea for present. That monster is very cool and tell Chloe she's a model in the making!
Kim x

tiel said...

go babushka go!

love the apron.

That little girl of your looks very cheeky, but lots of fun. My son did a life size outline of him on his last week of kindy and this is very similar style. Love I must really take mine out of the back of the car.

Marisa said...

Cool finished goodies! Wish I could turn out that many things all at once. Where do you find the time?

caroljean said...
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caroljean said...

Just wanted to say hi and thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I just love the fabrics you used for your beautiful aprons. And the monster doll is a pretty cool collaborative project - that's one adorable monster I think.

Amy said... have been quite busy, my friend !!!

Love the cute..can't wait for your turorial..
The monster..very cool...

Chloe's pinafore..very nice..great little model she is as well

Especially Love the self portrait of Lucinda..You have inspired me to do this for a summer project with my littles..I will post photo's !!!

Hope you are having a nice Holiday !!

Julie said...

thanks for posting the tutorial for the apron.
I can't wait to try it for my daughter