Thursday, August 9, 2007

Pillow Talk

It has been a busy week and I am paying for it now - I have a terrible headache from lack of sleep and can't wait to get into bed. Especially considering the fact that I am going out on Saturday night!! Yes, a rarity for us these days and I need a few days sleep and preparation to look half decent!

I put my hand up this year to be on the fund raising committee at Lucinda's kindergarten. It's not heaps of work and the girls I am joined by are fantastic, but our biggest fundraising event is this Saturday night. We are having a trivia night which I believe are loads of fun - I have never had the pleasure. So there will be lots of silent auctions for donated goodies from local businesses and others and a lot of silly games other than the actual trivia comp.

This is part of my contribution to the silent auction items - a pair of 'mosaic' cushions/pillows.

These have been made with a lot of scraps from my sister's bag and some other bits and pieces. The green I found at Spotlight for only $2mtr - perfect. I forgot to take a photo of the back of them but it is a natural coloured linen/cotton mix.

I will be making some more of these for my own sofa as I really like how they turned out. Don't you love it when an idea that's been floating around in your head for ages comes together and works - yay!

And, check this out... I have been very kindly nominated for this by one of my regular reads Thimbleanna

This is apparently an award for bloggers who are "just nice people , good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others that are there to lend support or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!"

Wow, I'm thrilled to say the least - thanks Anna, it makes me feel very happy if I am making other bloggers feel good and inspired. And, I have to nominate 7 others for the award so........

No 1. Ali who deserves this for so many reasons. Ali was the one who gave me the shove to get my blog going and gave lots of advice and encouragement. She is also very clever at lots of things including sewing lovely stuff and cooking yummy things - actually I think she is just VERY clever. But best of all she's hilariously funny and makes me laugh out loud often. That's gotta get an award!

No 2. Amy and I have so many parallels in our lives it's wierd and we have become great email/blogging pals. She has a gorgeous family and creates lots of beautiful things.

No 3. Cathy who was my first local blogging friend and is just so warm and lovely and makes lots of gorgeous stuff. We haven't met yet but will soon I hope.

No 4. Belinda who is just such an inspiration for anybody wanting to successfully create and sell their crafts. She is popping up all over the place with her lovely cushions including magazines and shops. She's super nice as well.

No 5. Pip who sounds like the nicest person in blogland. She is so encouraging and supportive to the local craft bloggers, organises a great stitching night and posts lovely images and words to brighten everyone's day.

No 6. Fiona is new to blogging and is an absolute inspiration. Five young children and she still manages to make all sorts of wonderful things. I have had the pleasure of meeting her and look forward to a great blogging relationship.

No 7. Lisa who is the very wonderful organiser of the Doll Quilt Swap. Lisa has done such a great job bringing together a fantastic community of crafters and also made my very special quilt after my partner had to pull out. Thanks again Lisa.

Wow that was hard - everyone is an inspiration and everyday I seem to make new friends in blogland. I could have added so many more.

Now I am off to do a little mindless knitting. I am helping out Abby - another new blog friend - who is knitting scarves for some aged care ladies. There you go Abby, you are number 8 for all the fantastic creative work you do while raising a little one and working as a nurse. Fantastic!!

Now, I'm off to bed!


Belinda said...

What gorgeous cushions, a similar idea to something I have on my inspiration board

Sometime ago you mentioned that you were making up your insert from calico. I've just switch suppliers and now get my inserts wholesale from If you ever need inserts I would strongly recommend them. I can't believe the difference they make to my cushions. These guys stuff them by hand. They are so full that I had to go down a size from what I have been using.

Thanks for the mention, I too have meet so many wonderful, supportive people. It will be hard to choose only seven. But I am seriously honoured to be on your list, so thank you.

Ali said...

Oh Louise, that's so sweet - thank you!

Love your pillows - sure they'll go down well at the auction.

Sarah said...

Ooo... I LOVE that pillow! The way the colors go together it looks like it was meant to be.

dizzyjadey said...

Beautiful cushions, Louise! And your fabric choices are just superb. Congratulation on getting the Nice Matters award! I always thought you were one of the nice ones. :-)

Tamara said...

Have a great time at your trivia night. Our's is the weekend after. The four quilts are all finished (I have yet to do a post)

The cushions look great...I bet they were hard to give away.

Congratulations for being nominated!

Cathy said...

Louise, those cushions are just gorgeous. I think I will have to put them on my to do list (yeah right). Trivia nights are the best fun, especially with a few chardies!!! Just enjoy!!

Thankyou so much for nominating me as one of your favourite 7 nice bloggers. I am still so amazed that so many people read my blog and comment. Anyway, I won't be allowed to put you on my list of 7 - but consider yourself one of them anyway. Now about that coffee ....... next week?

h&b said...

I love the pillows !!

And I love Trivia nights too - such fun !! - can't wait until i'm in with the kinder social set ;P

Suzie Sews said...

I love the colours in this pillow and I do so love finding links to other good blogs. Thanks
Suzie Sews

Soo said...

those cushions are beautiful! the colours and little squares are just gorgeous!

Amy said...

Louise, you are so sweet to nominate me! I do feel our lives are quite parellel, and I so enjoy connecting with you in this lovely blog world. I am off on a restful vacation at the moment, in a beautiful cottage,on a great lake, and my only connection to the internet is through my blackberry. I am not able to view your photo's, but will when I get back to California, as well as write you a proper email, on a proper keyboard! I do have to say it is nice to be away from the computer and become one with nature

Sonnja said...

I love the colours in this pillow and I do so love finding links to other good blogs.
Kind Regards,


Jelly Wares said...

The pillows look great! I'm sure they'll fetch a high bid.
Trivia nights are always heaps of fun so I'm sure that you'll have a great time.
I hope that you get a chance to have a relaxing Sunday, a chance to rejuvinate... We can't have you ending next week feeling as horrible as you do now.
Keep up the great work!!


Kali said...

I lurve your cushions ~ fab!