Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back to business!

Due to a 'problem at the exchange' I had no internet access this week. It's really tough to look at your little laptop and not be able to see what you have all been up to. When it came back on I thought I'd have a quick look at how many visitors I'd had and got quite a shock to see that over 350 people had dropped by on Tuesday! So I checked where they had come from and found this. Wow!

I started the tutorial after Jen saw one of my children's aprons on Flickr and asked for some advice. I thought it would be easier to just show her how to make a whole one with photos. Jen wrote to me to thank me and said she would be passing it on to a craft site. Thanks so much Jen, I don't think I would have been brave enough to submit it myself!!

So, has anyone actually used the tutorial to make an apron yet?

And just to update you on the pillows/cushions, they went for the grand sum of $36!! They went to one of the fundraising committee girls who has the most gorgeous house and furniture - I kind of made them with her sofas in mind anyway so I know they have a really good home. The trivia night was loads of fun and raised about $8,000 for our kinder. Have you seen these for Tamara's kinder's trivia night - just amazing work and such a great keepsake for the lucky families that get them. I'm dying to find out how it all went.

I've had quite a nice weekend. Chloe and Lucinda went to the footy with their Dad and some friends yesterday, so I had an afternoon to myself.

I didn't do any sewing but I did do a lot of cooking. My poor brother has had a really bad week. His entire family including his mother-in-law went down with Type A flu. His 3yr old son was so ill with asthma he was hospitalised for the week. I know first hand how stressful that can be and apart from being sick they are all exhausted. So I made a yummy quiche, some pumpkin and sweet potato soup and a batch of anzac biscuits. I hope they are all back to a healthy normal soon.

Today I had a few hours with my gorgeous girlfriend Ros at Patchwork on Central Park. She has just started to learn to quilt and is making a beautiful quilt for her daughter - I love it so much I want it for one of my girls. She wanted to look at fabric for the quilt back and I was after lots of bits and pieces.

It was so nice to be able to shop without the little people. I got some great help on a quilt I am making for new baby Lochie. It is to be a vintagey, scrappy looking quilt based on the great Michael Miller train fabric 'I think I can".

I also bought a little extra piece for my autumn quilt which I am going to leave for a week while I get some other things done. I am still mulling over the idea for this quilt but the fabrics have finally sort of come together.

I also bought a little piece of fabric for a totebag I am making for this swap - but you're not seeing that yet!

So I'd better get sewing as I have a few deadlines looming and I am sure I am coming down with a cold. Better go to bed!


Abby said...

wow.... cant wait to see what u come up with for autumn.... and a tote swap... what a fab idea...
luv Abby

Tamara said...

Nothing like a Sunday by yourself to sew. Bliss.
The trivia night was great. Wonderful prices were fetched for the quilts.
I love that Michael Miller train print. My neighbour made her son a quilt from it. I love the fabrics you have teamed it with.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Healthy wishes for your family... I dread flu season and all the worry and exhaustion. I'm sure your home cooking was well received.
I've been meaning to thank you for the apron tutorial. It was so good, I bravely attempted my first apron and I love how it came out... so much so that I can't wait to make one to keep. I sent my first one as a donation for a fundraising auction. I mentioned you in my blog and I plan to say more and sing your praises again... thank you.

fi said...

what a busy week! and you type so calmly about all you have to do!!maybe it was the sunday off, must try that!!!sorry to hear about your family alttle of that here too x5!!!have a great week

Austysmum said...

I love the fabrics you have chosen for the baby quilt. What a great selection and they go together beautifully. I will keep my eye out for progress pics!

Jade said...

Would love to see the baby quilt when its've picked some really eye-catching fabrics. Here's giving you some luck you escape the flu virus this winter. Its not very fun at all!

Jane said...

Just a message from a fellow Melbournian. I am also in the autumn swap, and trying to get my head around what I am going to do. I am in love with your train prints. I'm a huge fan of 1930's and similar styled childrens prints.
My girls have had several bouts of flu this season but 'A' fills me with fear!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what you do for the autumn swap. My mind is still swirling with ideas. Thank you for stopping by my blog!!

Anonymous said...

I finally had a chance to catch up on your blog tonight and what a gorgeous surprise to see the fabrics for Lochie's quilt. As I've said before I am blessed to have you as a friend, as are my children! The fabrics for your autumn quilt are also divine.

Cathy said...

I can't believe you only got $36 for your cushions. I was glad to hear that it had gone to a good home. I have used that Michael Miller train fabric so much. I love it and can never really get enough to keep up with demand for it. Lucky Lochie!!

Thimbleanna said...

Boy, a loaded post! First of all, loved your pillows from the previous post.
--What's a footy? Must be soccer?
--Can't wait to see the train quilt.
--Hope your brother and family are feeling better. And now you know why you're a NICE blogger -- and apparently sister! XOXO

julia said...

I love those cushions you made, I've just got into patchwork and I think I've well and truly caught the bug!

Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

Julia x