Wednesday, April 25, 2007

An apple a day.

I don't seem to be getting anything done and the year is whizzing by. I have spent days trying to organise Lucinda's 5th Birthday party after realising it is only a few weeks away. She wants a Fairy Princess party with a visit from a fairy that looks like Barbie and does face painting. Hmmmm..

She made this lovely apple for me.

I have managed to do a little bit of knitting. This is another freebie pattern I discovered and hopefully the wool I am using will be ok - so far so good.

I also made a quick handbag for another little friend's Birthday, keeping to my promise to make as many gifts as possible this year.

We enjoyed these for afternoon tea today - dark chocolate, cherry and coconut muffins.

It was Anzac Day. A day of reflection to remember and celebrate the wonderful young men and women we lost as they bravely fought for our country's freedom during the last century. It was lovely weather and as the girls played in the garden I could hear all our neighbours entertaining and lots of happy laughter - a great reminder of how lucky we are!

I know I feel truly blessed!


picperfic said...

your girls are gorgeous! there is nothing like the sound of happy buzzy families! Your cakes also look so pretty and so delicious, and do you make anzac biscuits too?

Melody said...

Owww those muffins look good!!! I love the sound of families buzzing too. I live opposite a park and yesterday it was pumping all day - from tots to teens to big family gatherings. Yes, we are lucky.

Anonymous said...

cute girls! I've got three boys... how different our households must be!!

Like the bag!!