Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So many projects, so little time!

I really want to say thank you for such a lovely warm welcome to blogland. Some of you I already knew and now I've found some other great new places to visit. My biggest thanks must go to Ali for announcing my arrival and being so encouraging. She also taught me how to do that link! Yes Ali it works and I feel so clever. So as a little thank you I am sending a special something over - here is a sneak peek!

That is just one of my current projects. Here is another.

This is an extra little present for our friend Sophia's 7th Birthday. She doesn't know what it is and I said I would give her a clue. Can you guess what it is?

And look what lovely happy colours just arrived in the mail for me.

These are for a few different projects including a granny quilt for me and a green cardy, also for me. I have been making so much for others it will be nice to keep a few things for myself. And I am dying to get knitting and crocheting now that our weather is cooling down.

The next work in progress is a cot quilt that I am making for a friend's daughter who turns one this month.

I am still deciding how to piece the top together as it isn't big enough with just these blocks. I think it will end up quite scrappy which I really like.

And finally, a much longer term project that is nearly finished.

My baby girl Daphne's cot quilt. Only a little bit of quilting to go and then a label. I am so pleased with it and it looks lovely in her room.

I am hoping that by putting these out there I will be more enthusiastic about completing them. It's worth a try anyway...


LBA said...

Where do I start ?
Everything is so lovely !

And yes, I think blogging helps with projects. I think I do the same amount of stuff i've always done, but like-minded enthusiasm from like-minded people makes it oh-so-much better.

And all those silly photos you take of things don't go to 'waste' like they used to ( remembering the not-so-distant days of my husband picking up a pkt of 35mm film developing to discover macros of bloody herbs and flowers used to thrill him to no end - NOT ! ).

And now there's bogger and flikr, where this stuff is not only perfectly presentable, but in fact, encouraged .. just brilliant..

And actually ENJOYED by others.
Double brill.

Blog on ( and welcome ;)

Tracy x said...

I agree with h&b - everything on your blog is lovely!
The cakes - yum
The quilt - so talented
and the wonderful colours of that yarn!
I will be back to visit again - got to see the green cardigan x
Tracy x

Anonymous said...

I love that quilt you made for your daughter -- absolutely gorgeous! And those cupcakes!
Such fun to find a new blog to inspire :-)

Anonymous said...

That quilt and the quilt WIP are just gorgeous!

Ali said...

You didn't need to do that! How incredibly sweet, thank you.

And Daphne's quilt is one of the most lovely things I have seen in a long time. A family heirloom in the making for sure.

Melody said...

I think h&b said it all! I so agree with the photo comment - its always an excuse to take particular photos of particular items you probably would never have photographed before. "It's for my blog!" I'm always saying that!

Great work. You must have a lot of patience.

Jo said...

You have inspired me to go and dig out my 3 year olds cot quilt (she is long out of her cot) and work on it. Sad really. Daphne's quilt is gorgeous. Love the colour combinations!

Christina said...

I love everything on your blog especially my bag. It is the most thoughtful gift I have received for years. I love the colours the fabrics and the fact that it was made with love by a dear friend. THANK YOU!