Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The third is three!

My little Daphne turned three last Friday. I can't believe how quickly that has gone.

Daphne's 3rd Birthday

We had a party on Sunday afternoon. Nothing too much, just afternoon tea with our families and a couple of friends.

I did make a special cake though.

Daphne's 3rd Birthday

We all gave three cheers.


We cut the cake.

Cutting the Cake

And ate it!

My Girls

Happy Birthday my little girlie girl!

We have also done the yearly trip to post letters to Santa.

Sending the Santa letters

So now he knows what to bring!

And on the crafting front I have been mucking around with a few bits and pieces. I made this cushion for one of Chloe's girlfriends for her Birthday.

Cushion for Alice

She was hoping for something made by me.

Cushion for Alice

There's a few other finished things to show you but you'll have to wait for a day or so. And if you are in the UK, go and check out Issue 2 of Sew Hip magazine - I have pattern in there!


Christina said...

The girls look picture perfect! What a fun time my kids had a Daphne's birthday party.

Love Christina xxx

Beth said...

How sweet....two pink cakes?!?! Lucky girl!

Andi said...

So delicious!! Delicious cake, delicious children and delicious crafty things.
Happy birthday Daphne.
From Andi :-)

Liesl said...

Happy birthday to Miss Three. The cakes are very pretty! And lucky Alice ... the cushion is divine.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely cake - belated birthday wishes too. Your apron is gorgeous by the way , I meant to add to your last post but got a bit sidetracked ...
lisa x

Melody said...

Hapy 3rd Birthday to your youngest.... Three is soo good. (And then you have 4! *screws up nose*)

What a wonderful gift. Any chance of getting one with Melody on it? I love it!! Lucky Alice indeed...

Sweetpea4kids said...

Happy birthday to your lovely girl. Lovely cakes, well done.

Sue said...

What a great cake. Happy Birthday to your cutie. All your girls look so sweet. I love the cushion you made too.

Thimbleanna said...

Happy Birthday to your little angel. The girls are just beautiful and the cakes look perfect!

CurlyPops said...

What a beautiful birthday cake. Perfect for a girlie girl!

Tamara said...

Happy Birhtday Miss Three!

Looks like she had a ball

Corrie said...

love the cushion.....and the cake....yummo!

your girls are so gorgeous and growing so quickly!!!


Amanda Jean said...

Happy Birthday to Daphne!!! you have 3 beautiful little girls! and the cushion is fantastic!!!

Kellie said...

Happy Birthday to your delightful little girl!
Oh I need to see that new mag! Well done Louise!

Anonymous said...

Happy 3 sweet face!! It looks like you had a wonderful day. well done Mama Louise.

a friend to knit with said... sweet.
happy birthday to your big girl!!!

again. love your hair. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girls. Beautiful cakes!

i hope she had the happiest of days.

Nikki said...

Where did three years go...?

Happy birthday to Daphne and all the best to the whole family for a wonderful Xmas. I hope those Santa letters do their stuff!


Ragged Roses said...

Happy Birthday to Daphne!!! What a delicious cake. ..
Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas

Stacey said...

Happy birthday to your Miss Three. Doesn't she look like you!
I love the cakes - she's a very lucky girl.
I have to make a Ben 10 cake tomorrow - god knows how!

Whispy Love said...

That cushion is adorable!!

Lily Mulholland said...

What a pretty post to mark D's birthday :) Love the Alice cushion too.

Philigry said...

that cake is sooo sweet. happy birthday to your little girl, and merry christmas to you all!