Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Strap yourself in......

I have yet another big post! I'm sorry but I don't get a lot of time to post and this week I was unable to upload photos due to an iphoto glitch. As another few days have gone by I now have even MORE to show you.......

I will start with my latest exciting postal delivery.

I received a fabulous parcel this week from this amazing girl for the Back to School Swap. It was filled with so many lovely goodies for me and the girls.

Back to School Swap goodies

A summery bag, notebooks, pens, chocolate, a groovy 'Back to School' CD, a sweet little swing purse for each daughter filled with crayons, gum, hairties, lipbalm and for me - MAGAZINES!!!

Back to School Swap wristlets

How incredibly generous, thank you so much Kelli - it's just wonderful!

And all of my swap packages have finally arrived.

My Scrap Swap parcel arrived with Jade last week. Along with the scraps I included a needlecase for Jade.

Jade's needle case

And a little skirt for the bub, modelled here by Daphne.

Camille's skirt

This was fun and a really easy swap to participate in - thanks so much for organising it girls!

And yippy, my Back to School Swap parcel has finally arrived and I am so thrilled that Ali likes it. I have, of course, been dying to show you what I made!

I found this a fantastic challenge because I wanted to make something that was not only representative of what is inspiring Ali at the moment but also something really different to the average tote.

For my inspiration I went back to my trusty Inside out magazine that I found my Autumn quilt inspiration photo in and voila there it was - a little school satchel styled bag.


I played around with some embroidery ideas but the little owl seemed perfect in the end.

I added lots of cute stationery from every Australian child's favourite shop Smiggle and a little snack for those long school days.

Then I thought it needed a crafty element. Ali's way too smart to have to go back to school but I'm sure she'd be happy to do a few craft classes - especially something like knitting. So I made a craft pouch and put in some rosewood knitting needles, the left over cotton yarn and some dishcloth patterns so she can try a few dishcloths of her own. I also snuck in some lovely vintage chocolate brown ric rac and a little piece of Australia's own Sprout orange heart fabric.

Back to School Swap

I have to say the giving side of these swaps is by far my favourite bit. I just love the challenge of putting it together and then the delight (hopefully) from the recipient when it arrives - it is endlessly satisfying!

Even though it is the holidays I have actually found some time to do some sewing because my husband is also on holidays for a few weeks. I finally made some twirly skirts for the girls - my version of this fabulous tutorial.

A red one for Chloe.

Chloe's skirt

A purple one for Lucinda.

Lucinda's skirt

A slightly different one for my neice's 6th Birthday.

Jessica's skirt

And a cute wrap skirt for Lucinda.

Lucinda's wrap skirt

Lucinda's wrap skirt

I like this one and will be making a few more of these including one for me!

And I have also made a little bag for a friend of Lucinda's. I'm loving the plastic coated dinosaur fabric which I lined it with as well - then it can be wiped out easily.

Ben's Satchel

And we had TWO visits from The Tooth Fairy during the week!

The Tooth Fairy

Lucinda's front teeth finally gave way, one on Tuesday and one on Friday while eating a cupcake. She looks so different with that great big gap and she hasn't even started school yet - they grow up way too fast!!


I promise to try and post more regularly so I don't make such lengthy submissions! I am now off to stay up all hours to try and finish my autumn quilt! We are going away on Saturday and I have to mail it off before we go! I might try to be organised enough to show you it before it heads off to its new home. Enjoy!!


Thimbleanna said...

My Goodness Louise, you have been a VERY busy seamstress!!! I love everything you've made. Especially your parcel to Ali -- so beautiful, clever and thoughtful. You're the queen!

Jodie said...

I love the "big post". So full of just everything. You are a very generous swapper and have sent the best things and been busy busy with skirts and bags - doesn't it feel good?

Abby said...

wow.... louise you have been soooo busy. Everything is absolutely gorgeous.
luv Abby

Jade said...

I'm very impressed! You're very productive and all those projects are very inspiring. I love the twirly skirts you sewed, might make one for the bub in that building blocks fabric....there's still a decent size piece in my stash, I think.

a friend to knit with said...

oh my gosh, i don't even know where to begin! you have been sooo busy.....you are unbelievable inspiring in the sewing department!
that little owl is sooo cute! lucky girl!
everything is fabulous!

Sue said...

Arent those skirts the easiest to make. I made one a few months back and it turned out so nicely. I love the wrap skirt too, and purple suits your daughter. Losing teeth before school is always a sign of them growing up. Isabelle lost 4 in kindergarten, and then 2 more this year. I love the swap parcels, and the owl tote is so cute. I love the satchel tote too, and the wipe clean fabric sounds like a great idea too.

Donna said...

Must be the time of year - no teeth lost over 6 months and then my 7 year old (nearly 8) loses 3!! Great pics and I love the tops and skirt tute's - fantastic - thank you for the links.

Anonymous said...

Love big posts especially when they have as many lovely pictures as this one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lou. Everything looks amazing. In just a few days you create so many beautiful things! Enjoy the holidays, Daphxx

julia said...

I'm not surprised you've not had the time to blog, you've done so much, all of it lovely may I add!

Don't children look funny when their top teeth fall out. When then big ones grow they suddenly look so grown up!

Julia x

Ragged Roses said...

Louise you are so clever! I LOVE the bag with the owl - really beautiful!
Kim x

pinkgreen said...

What a lovely package to receive. I love the skirts too - and what gorgeous girls. I love it when they are all gappy - they suddenly look totally different. we are still waiting for new ones to come though even though Grace lost her top 2 teeth ages ago!
Cathy X

Jodie said...

Hi Louise,
the way you write your posts is amazing, it always keeps me hanging in all the way to the end, I just love it.
The litte bags for the girls look great and all of those goodies inside them would've really made their day...
The skirts for the girls are fantastic!! I especially love the one you made for your little neice.
Good luck with the quilt and have a great weekend away.


Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

great pics!! love everything you made! what a great swap!!

julia said...

Hi Louise

I tried to email you about the skirt pattern but for some reason if I try to email directly through blogger they don't always arrive.

Can you let me know if you received the message and if not email me at migmiller@fsmail.net

Thanks, hope you're having a good week.

Julia x

Unknown said...

I love a big post, makes me feel less guilty for not doing any work and spending all day reading blogs!!!! Love the swops you got and received too. WOW!

Amy said...

Louise...I just love everything you have made...especially that lovely little wrap skirt. I love the owl to..so sweet. This craft swap business looks so enjoyable !!

Anonymous said...

so much goodness in this post! i really love the dino bag -- did you use a pattern??

Corrie said...

oh those skirts are adorable and the fabric combo's perfect! well done!