Monday, September 3, 2007

Friends + Fabric = FUN!

There's so much to tell and I will start with the most exciting bit and work my way through!

Last Thursday was very special because I had my very first meeting with one of my Melbourne blog friends. I met the very lovely Cathy from Ms Marzie and she was every bit as nice as she sounds on her blog - just a bit taller than I'd imagined! It was a little like a blind date and we were both a bit nervous but not for long. We met at Amitie where Jenny made us feel incredibly welcome. Can you believe she sat us up the front of the shop at a lovely table and chairs, made us a cup of coffee and left us to it - thanks Jenny!

So after exchanging gifts (in true craft blogging tradition) and yacking for a while we then got stuck into the fabric choosing. Cathy had brought along some fabrics she needed to add to for a gorgeous quilt she is making for her sister's 40th next year and I had brought some fairly old Cath Kidston fabrics with me to add to for a quilt for Chloe's bed.

Assisted by Jenny and Judy there was much collective ooohing and aahhhing, fabric stroking and general sharing of the whole quilt, fabric loving experience. It was a lovely couple of hours bonding over fabric and I'm sure the very reason Jenny named the store Amitie, the french word for friendship. The perfect choice for our first meeting Cathy!

More than two hours later we purchased our goodies and had a quick lunch before racing off to pick up the kids from school. It was wonderful to meet Cathy finally, and it is amazing to have so much in common with someone when you haven't even met before. We agreed on so much, talked about all our favourite blogs and even have the exact same sewing machine! Thanks for coming all the way over to Amitie Cathy (not that visiting Amitie is EVER a chore) and I look forward to seeing you again soon because there is so much I didn't get to ask you.

Cathy made me a really sweet little linen purse, which I am going to keep in my handbag to hold lipsticks, a groovy tissue holder and my very own cotton apple dishcloth!

I made a needlebook for Cathy. I used pink and green wool felt, apple lining and a vintage button on the front. I also bought her one of my favourite apple containers to keep her sewing bits in.

In between chasing Daphne, who thought the embroidery threads at Amitie were hugely interesting to pull apart, I managed to gather some wonderful fabrics together for Chloe's quilt. It was looking very green/pink and she wanted aqua/red - that's what happens when you buy fabrics with the intention of making something and leave it for too long.

But I'm thrilled with how it has all come together and I have chosen this gorgeous quilt design 'Vintage Comfort' by Judy Newman for a really vintagey look. Chloe LOVES it which is the most important thing.

The train quilt is progressing. I have finished all the blocks and am now putting the top together. It is a little blue and I wanted it more red so I'm mucking around with it a bit.

I have also made a start on my Autumn quilt for the Four Seasons Quilt Swap.

I was inspired by this picture from the July/August edition of Inside Out magazine.

It came together when I found the little brown floral fabric which I adore. I'm not sure what to bind it with but I'm not going to worry about that until I finish the top - there are a couple of little extra things I'm adding to it which I will show you another day.

I'm also well underway for the back to school tote bag swap and have had a lot of fun with this as we can add what we like. It'll be on it's way soon Ali and I'm not showing anything until she gets it.

Today I received my partner for the scrap swap and look who I got - Jade! Yippeee one of my faves, this is also going to be lots of fun.

Look what arrived in today's mail!

YAY!!!, my labels! I can finally put my name on my work. I guess that means I'm going to have to start putting things into my Etsy shop or Made it. I'm just not sure what yet. Aprons, bags, hmmmmmmm, lots of thinking ahead.

And then look what arrived this afternoon - another delivery! I couldn't resist buying this sweet little smock from Jade. It is the softest fine green cord and cute apple tree fabric and it's just beautifully made. And tucked inside the package I even got some scraps to make something to match - thanks Jade it really is lovely and she thinks she looks fab in it. Do you like the collection of hairties she insists on wearing as bracelets!

Well that should be enough to keep you going for a few days. I certainly have enough to keep me busy!!


Ali said...

How can you pack so much gorgeousness into a single post - I hardly know where to start. Love everything.

And you're very mean not giving me even the merest swap hint!

Belinda said...

Nice to see you both and be able to put a face to the blogs. Love the fabrics you have chosen for the quilt, I'm sure it will be lovely!

Jade said...

How fun was your mini-blog meet! Its good to be able to put a face to both of you lovely ladies....and I believe I can probably live in a fabric shop, so two hours might not be enough. :-)

I'm so glad you got the smock safely. Your little Daphne looks so adorable in it! Also, can I ask who you ordered your labels from? They look super fab!

Donna said...

I love your daughters smock; very cute. I agree - how do you fit so much loveliness in one post? ps - can you please tell me where I can find someone on the net that makes those labels? Great idea for personalising craft gifts.

Donna said...

Thanks for the link for the labels - you're a star!

Cathy said...

Hi Louise - aahh - now I am not anonymous anymore. It was a lovely day and I still smile about the fun that we had.

Daphne looks so gorgeous in her smock from Jade, the labels look good - can I send my stuff back to get labelled?

Anonymous said...

So many nice things...I love the design for your autumn quilt swap.

Jodie said...

What a great day and a truly gorgeous post - I love those labels !!!!

Jane said...

I am in love with your fabric choices for Chloes quilt. Can't wait to see them made up.
What a fantastic post.

Thimbleanna said...

Woohoo! We got to "meet" both you AND Cathy. What fun. And isn't Daphne a lucky duck to have one of Jade's smocks -- too cute! Love the fabrics you've chosen for Chloe -- can't wait to see the progress! Thanks for the great post.

Margaret said...

I should be doing the dishes, I should be doing the laundry, or washing the kitchen floor ... but it's way more fun reading your post. So exciting to see you and Daphne and Miss Marzie in person. I can't remember all I saw already. Delightful.

Anonymous said...

Oh I enjoyed this post, it was like looking at a magazine full of delightful; things!!!!

Abby said...

wow louise I luv ur tree for the four season it is adorable.
where did u buy ur labels? I placed an online order months ago that didnt work out for me so I trying to source alternatives...
luv Abby

Soo said...

your fall swap quilt is beautiful. the colours and falling leaves are just gorgeous!

62cherry said...

that is just the best story I loved reading it. how cool is this little world :) YAY!

Ragged Roses said...

What wonderful deliveries in the post - love that smock!! It sounds like you're really busy at the moment too. I met up with a fellow blogger a little while back and it is great to finally put a face to a name and comment - glad you had a good time.
Kim x

julia said...

You're spoiling us with all these pictures - where to start?!

Glad you enjoyed your get-together, it sounds like real fun!

As for all those gorgeous fabrics, total eye candy, bet you can't wait to get started.

I love that little smock top, it is too gorgeous for words, as is the child wearing it!

Julia x

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day!!!! I am so in love with your autumn quilt block - it is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What a great post. So much to enjoy there! Could you please send the link to me also of where you bought your labels from? The last label I had printed I wasn't very happy with and would like to try a different company. Thanks. I just found your blog recently and really enjoy it!