Monday, June 4, 2007

You can leave your hat on..

Well, I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth, I've just been knitting! And doing a little sewing. Winter has hit and it actually has become a little chilly - well chilly by Melbourne standards - about 15 deg celsius which is probably a bit of a joke to some people in the Northern Hemisphere. However, it is cold enough to wear hats so I whipped up one for Chloe earlier this week.

She chose the colours and requested two hanging pom poms which I finally attached last night.

And my Birthday still hasn't ended - I received a gorgeous handknitted scarf from my beautiful friend Roslyn. Isn't she a star! I love it as it's so long and warm. Great for visits to the park with the kids.

We discussed the need for hats to go with these scarves as she had knitted herself the exact same scarf. So I zipped into the wool shop on the way home, grabbed some of the same wool and hey presto - my new hat. I am going to try a slightly different version for young (she's waaaaay younger than me) Ros which is like this. If it works I might do another one for me. I also need to knit a nice blokey one for my husband as his ears must freeze on his walk to and from the station on his way to work.

I also made this cute pinafore for Lucinda after seeing the lovely ones Cathy from Miss Marzie made. She's just made another one and has the most hilarious photo of it - have a look it's gorgeous.

I'm not sure I did it right because I made the size 5 and it is a little tight under the arm. I think I didn't take enough seam up when I did the binding. I have some black cord to make one for Chloe who is 7 and have cut it out to a size 8 just in case. The difference seems fairly minimal. I also thought I would try to line the bodice instead of doing the binding. I just have to remember how to do that - I'm sure it will come to me eventually.

And - how exciting!!!! Another swap and this time it's a doll quilt swap. I found this yesterday so it was great timing as the sign up started today. How gorgeous are the first swap quilts! There is also now a flickr group for those completely mad about doll's quilts and have you seen the quilts that Hilary from Wee Wonderfuls is doing for her soon to be born daughter's bedroom wall. I can't wait to see photos of the finished wall.

It's all so utterly inspiring and will add yet another project to my very long list. Oh I wish there were more hours in the day!


Lisa K., Swap Mama said...

Hi, Louise! Thanks for the mention of the swap! I didn't receive you sign-up information; sometimes the g-mail senders' messages don't make it to me, so I'm glad you mentioned the swap on your site. Hope to hear from you soon.

Lisa K.
Swap Mama

christina said...

Hi Louise,

I love Chloe's new hat, she chose great colours and you did such a great job. Her little face says it all.

You also look very happy in your beatiful handknitted scarf from Roslyn.

I love reading your blog and the photos are gorgeous.

Ali said...

You look so snug in your hats!

And the butterfly pinafore is every girl's dream!

2paw said...

The hat(s) look wonderful, I look terrible in a hat, but you both look great!! Nice pinafore too, I had some like that when I was little: corduroy too!!!

Cathy said...

You guys look beautiful - they will be perfect for todays cold weather in Melbourne.

Glad you made the dress - it very easy isnt it - I found I had to make a bigger size - I made an 8 for my model and she is probably only a 7 really.

Thanks for the comments on little Charlotte - I thought it was hilarious that photo - her mum will probably kill me for putting that one on the blog - and guess what - Anna Maria Horner commented on my blog and wants to see some photos on her flickr group of what I make with her fabric!!!! soirry - this is me just jumping up and down.

I have just finished your apron - I love it - I hope you will too.

Amy said...

Hi Louise...

I love Chloe's Hat...isn't so fun when they pick out the colors...she will be knitting and sewing in no time..that is if she has not already... Strange to think you are heading into winter, and we are heading in to warm, hot, dry summer...

How wild is it that your Chloe had a Ms Morgan as a teacher...our lives are so parallel !!!

P.S. Love the Pinafore cute...and easy to make..

samantha said...

Chole's hat is gorgeous - and don't we need it now with this weather - brrr. I too am very excited about the doll quilt swap - just can't wait to see who my partner will be.