Sunday, February 27, 2011

UFOs and other pretty things!

So while I am working on my little doll quilt for the swap I am also trying to get a few ufos off the pile. Some have sat there for a rather long time.

It's the hand quilting that gets me. I always think it's going to take forever but if I actually just got on with it I wouldn't have such a huge pile of unfinished quilts!

A perfect example is this quilt for my little friend Ruby.

Ruby's quilt

Ruby is now two and the quilt was basted waaaaaay back when she was about 7 months old! We spent New Years with Ruby and her family so I decided to get stuck in and finish it off. It took me one week, a broken nail and a few holes in the finger! Not bad.

Mostly it was just lines but I added a few hearts and flowers.

Ruby's quilt

and then some trees for the border.

Ruby's quilt

And of course a little message.

Ruby's quilt

We're both pretty happy!

But you know there's always more than one quilt on the go and I have since added another basted quilt to the pile so it is no lower - just a different colour!

Here's one that was for my brother and his family for Christmas - just finishing off some quilting and the binding.


And this one here is for my bed - finally one of my own!!


I have been collecting a heap of beautiful blue and green fabrics for the last few years starting with that gorgeous Liberty bird fabric. During the holidays I finally found time to jigsaw puzzle them all together. No real plan, just lots of big pieces to show of the patterns and I LOVE it!


It will be very simply quilted with lines using this lovely pale greeny blue Perle 8 thread.

New project!

But right now I'm finishing another one that has also languished on the pile for way too long. And I will challenge myself to get it done to show off in my next post because it is for Chloe and it is her 11th Birthday this week.

So enough chatting I'm off to do some quilting!


Thimbleanna said...

You've been busy Louise and they're all so pretty! I love quilting with pearl cotton. Good Luck with your big finish for next week!

Chookyblue...... said...

you have been busy again..........the baby one is lovely...........

Kate said...

Love, love it all!

Andi said...

So much deliciousness!!

Christina said...

I love all three quilts but I love Love LOVE your brothers!

Beth said...

Oh, your beautiful hand quilting has me wanting to pick up some of my UFOs! Too many things to make!

Jenny from Ohjoh said...


Anonymous said...

I love it when a quilt is finished. Yours are especially lovely.

ingrid said...

They are all very pretty, but I love the one for your bed.It is so fresh and lovely!

Tanya said...

ooh, loving that blue and green

Monica said...

you busy bee!

I know what you mean about UFO... it always strikes me how quickly they get done once I actually start working on them. You'd say after all these years I learnt the lesson... but no... there's always loads lying about!!

Vanilla said...

I just loooove the Ruby quilt. Pink and yellow is one of the sunniest combinations I know.
And what a good idea to embroider trees and stuff as hand quilting. Thanks for inspiring me!

Juddie said...

gorgeous! They're so beautiful!