Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lazy but productive!

We had a nice lazy Saturday morning.

I made a chocolate cake with my helper.


She had the best job...


mmmm yummy!


Lucinda was as usual feeling crafty and had been asking to do an applique canvas.


She drew up a design and gathered her fabrics. I started the first stitch and off she went.


All finished...


And hanging on the wall!


I was fairly productive too. A cushion for Lucinda to give to her friend for her Birthday today.


The Birthday girl's favourite colour is blue!


And this afternoon I started to put together this which is a long overdue present for a union jack loving nephew!!


Tonight I'm quilting it and hopefully will have it all put together in the next couple of days. Love ticking things off the list!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! More busy than lazy I would suggest. The apple cavas is delightful.

Ali said...

Lucinda's blanket stitch is neater than mine. But I am a champion bowl-licker!

Beth said...

The apple is amazing! Can't wait to see the Union Jack in all its glory!

Thimbleanna said...

Doesn't look very lazy to me! Lucinda has done a beautiful job on her little apple -- how exciting that she wants to sew! I LOVE the fabrics in your Union Jack -- can't wait to see it finished. And the little blue pillow AND your bowl licker are just as cute as can be!

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous! I'm inspired. And will get off the couch in 5...4...3...2...

Andi said...

So much gorgeousness in one post!!!
Your girls are so divine and your stitching is, as always, lovely!!!
Andi x

PS Any chance you would like to catch up with me and Jen (Oh Joh) for coffee and CAKE tomorrow morning?

One Flew Over said...

Great to see you back! The girls looked like they had a fab weekend x

stormygirl said...

Well done Lucinda! Ben will just adore his Union Jack Cushion!! Looks fantastic Lou, can't wait to see it all finished!

Affordable Bib said...

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