Sunday, June 13, 2010

Clearing Out!

It's a long weekend here and while it would have been lovely to spend some time away somewhere relaxing I have instead been hard at work cleaning out my house. It's long overdue and I can't believe what we have been living amongst. Some days I feel like I'm suffocating!

The catalyst for this hive of activity is a piano! Yes, I have been fortunate enough to be offered (cheap) a lovely old piano for the kids and it gave me all the motivation I needed to create some space. And it's tough I tell you - I'm allergic to dust and digging about in storage boxes and old stuff turns me into a eye streaming, sneezing mess. But it's all worth it - I have one whole room back AND we have cleaned out every cupboard to make more room.

I have also neatly boxed my excessive fabric stash into colours which kind of freaked me out - didn't know I had that much! At least I know where everything is now. I must say I'm very jealous of those with 'studios' or 'sewing rooms'. All that space to spread out..... sigh!

Of course there has also been time for a bit of sewing! I'm hand piecing my cushion/pillow front for the Pillow Talk swap.

Pillow Talk Swap WIP

My partner's inspiration mosaic indicated that she was quite fond of scrappy, pieced work and colourful blocks. I'm enjoying looking at some old style blocks and giving them a bit of a modern twist.

Pillow Talk Swap WIP

So far I quite like it and it's such a nice way to finish the day!


One Flew Over said...

I find big clean outs to be so liberating...which is probably why I always do them!

Loving the look of this cushion top x

meli B said...

Apart from finding all your fabrics, the sound of children playing piano in the house is so lovely, the clean up sounds like it is going to be worth it, Enjoy.

periwinkle said...

hey , long time no anything ... how are you ? A clean out sounds good to me , think I should be doing the same thing here

Thimbleanna said...

Yay for a big cleanout! I sure wish you'd come and clean out my mess. Have fun with your new piano -- it sounds very exciting!

Christina said...

I can't wait to see the new/old piano! The clean-out has been a bonus :)

Unknown said...

by hand? that's beautiful.

randi said...

i love getting all organized. it feels so great!

Jodie said...

Yeah for big clean-outs....

Love the heart block too, just gorgeous!!!

Hugs - Jodie :)