Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Playing Catchups

Firstly, thanks for all your lovely comments about the train quilt. It is wonderful to have it finished and be able to get on with the next bunch of projects.

I have so much stuff to post I have been putting it off!  And this week I have been very busy and too tired to do any posting. So here goes - be prepared for a long photo heavy post.

After patiently waiting for several months my gorgeous little Doll Quilt 3 Swap quilt finally turned up last week. Yippy!!  Isn't it absolutely stunning!! Wonderful colours and a lovely design by the very fabulous Laura Jay. I have offered it to my girls for their bedroom wall as we are rearranging things and it will look perfect with all their red and aqua.  

And check out the sweet and very intricate little pin cushion she sent with it.  I LOVE it all! Thanks so very much Laura Jay - you can relax now, all is well.

Doll Quilt Swap 3

And how weird is this - my Doll Quilt Swap 4 quilt turned up on the very same day!  This little beauty was made by Ros and is to be hung in Daphne's bedroom.  It is so very pretty and very us. Ros also included some absolutely gorgeous ribbons that are also just the right colours!  Thanks Ros.

Doll Quilt Swap 4

And here's more that I haven't had time to photograph and blog about.  I have participated in the Sassy Apron Swap twice now and haven't posted either apron - so sorry!!

First up is my most recent Summer apron from the very lovely Lucy Byrd who runs the Sassy Apron Swap.  It's a great design based on an old pattern and is the first apron I have had in this style.  I really like how it does up and plan to make a few of these myself.  Most people I know request full aprons and this is a lovely version.  Thanks Lucy.

Summer Sassy Apron swap

And even more embarrassing, I didn't post this sweet little apron which I received in the Spring round of the Sassy Apron Swap. It is from Suzie and is super cute with the lovely Kristen Doran fabric and little flower appliques. Chloe fell in love with it instantly and as her dreadful mother has never made her an apron - true - she has claimed it as her own. Thanks Suzie and sorry I took so very long to post a picture. Don't worry everyone I did thank all of these people via email when I received them - I'm not that bad!!

Spring Sassy Apron swap

And last but by no means least, my little doll quilt from the Lemonade Stand quilt swap. This was made by Mary Whidden (can't find a link) and is her very first attempt at a quilt. Having just completed a two day course in machine quilting, I have to say I'm really impressed with what Mary did without being shown how and how good are her joins. It is now being hauled around and used on various dolly's which is as it should be. Thanks Mary.

Lemonade Stand Swap quilt

I haven't reported in about the lovely little girls class Cathy and I did last week at Amitie. It was a lot of fun and the girls were hilarious and really lovely. A couple of favourite comments were "boys can't multi-task" and "don't you love reading so much that your mum has to get mad at you to stop reading and come and eat your dinner". Gorgeous!

Here they are hard at work.

Girl's Sewing Class

Applique Detail

Hard at work

And proudly displaying the finished product.

The finished work

Cathy made lovely pink meringues.

Cathy's Meringues

And I made pink cupcakes.

Pink Cupcakes

We think it was a big success and look forward to doing some more kids classes in the future. Speaking of classes, I attended a two day machine quilting class at Amitie with Deborah Louie. I shall report on that next post, this one should keep you busy for at least a few days!!


Rebecca said...

aaaaaaaah. such Darling quilts. love 'em both. the colors are perfect. i'm sure you'll enjoy them.

periwinkle said...

i think you've got yourself some lovely little quilts and aprons there
lisa x

Bobbelur said...

Lovely quilts - and such a great idea!!

And I am a bit jealous of the girls in that class. I wish someone had such classes when I was that age - perhaps I'd used my sewing skills more then.
Wonderful work and inspiring pictures.

Amanda Jean said...

I love that pincushion! and the quilt underneath it. how fun that the doll quilts are getting used already. isn't that the best?

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

My word you have been busy with all of those great swaps! What lovely goodies you have been receiving. Your children's class looks like it was a great success - how lovely to inspire the younger generation to sew. The girls were very creative - and the food you served no doubt helped to make it a memorable occasion. Can't wait to see what you have planned for the next school holidays!

Cathy said...

What great fun we had, Louise, the girls were hilarious and very clever.

Your little quilts and aprons and bits and pieces all look lovely and it is good to see that they are all being put to good use. Maybe someone could send you some teddybear pjs!!!!!!!

What great photos you have!!! You forgot to mention that the machine quilting class has it's own health hazards! (my back!)

Ali said...

You are the swap queen! But then, I knew that already.

Melody said...

What gorgeous quits - all of them...

THe girls in the photos look really happy and so proud of their work - as they should. You did a great job teaching them...

Nikki said...

LOTS of fabulous things... so much eye-candy in one post!!

The kids class must have been a hoot - and had fantastic results. I'm all for indoctrinating children AS YOUNG AS POSSIBLE with the joys of sewing.

Kellie said...

Lots of lovely things! Good to see you again yesterday. I'm looking forward to seeing your new skills! I just know that you will be great at it!

a friend to knit with said...

oh, i so hear you about having a lot to post...and no time to find to post it!
the mailbox has been overflowing at your home, eh? with such gorgeous items!

Anonymous said...

What great parcels all for YOU!
Looks like your classes have been a great success if only for the yummy food. Love the pink....

Philigry said...

EVERYTHING is beautiful! that first quilt, with the wonky seams is awesome!

Thimbleanna said...

What lovely swappage you've been a part of. Isn't that pincushion interesting -- I had to go to flickr to get a better look -- I love it. The girls class sounds like a hoot -- so glad you all had fun!

Kate said...

Such lovely quilts! Love that top pincusion.

Unknown said...

OOOOh, the little quilts are all so pretty! I have a few I want to make now too! One for a swap and another for a gift. What delightful tasty treats you had to show us too! Mmm, the pink merenges were so sweet looking! I especially adore seeing the photos of the young ones sewing!

lazy cow said...
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Anonymous said...

Holly had a wonderful time at the class, and finished her purse as soon as we got home. She proudly took it for Show and Tell at school, and is keen to do another course when you offer it!
Thanks so much.

Adriana Millán said...

Everything is beautiful, I loved Poppy and her puppies, cute!

Jade said...

Everything looks so pretty, Louise! And your students looks so chuffed with their creations.